: *Her Legend*

19-08-2002, 10:56 AM
A blood spring pours down heavily
Forming streams of reddish fluid
Over white skin
It floods down
And splashes over the transparent tiles
Telling the story
Of a love once existing
But now covered with dust
In the middle of a forest
In a grave of flesh

It pours down peacefully
And as it stretches out
It draws the legend
That has never been told
It unfolds a marvel
Of a struggling little girl
Who once loved
A handsome little boy

Her love was everlasting
Her dreams reached the clouds
Her eyes spoke of love
As her heart tuned its beats
She soared with the birds
And glided with the angels
In the sky of her imaginings

She held his hand
She caressed his hair
And touched his skin
She told him she loves him
And showed him she does
She never left him
For anybody else

But all dreams have to be crushed by reality
And all stories come to an end

She said her last good-bye
And left him in the dust
The tears left her eyes
And streamed down her face
She couldnt bare the loss
She couldnt save her love
She looked at him for the last time
And memorized his looks
She memorized the tiny hairs
Which grow about his face

And now she lies in the pool
Of the blood which left her chest
And in the forests in her eyes
She can see him and smile
The twinkle in his eyes speak of a great love
The twitch around his lips speak of his worship
She reached out her hand
And with her blood drew a heart
And in the middle of it she drew
The initials of his name and hers
She struck it with a bow
And sent it to his heart
She begged him to take her home
She wanted to be by his side
But her door has long been locked
She cried for him, she moaned

As she awaits her death
She kisses him a gentle kiss
She holds his hands
And tells him
How much she wants him back
She looks into the blackness
Into his loving eyes
She veils her face and leaves him
To the skies up above

And in his home hes waiting
For her to take her place
He awaits her return
With his passionate ache
And draws her smile in the horizon
And sends his kisses with the winds
He sends her unhanded messages
With all the flying birds
He tells her how he loves her
And how he misses her touch

But little does he know
His love killed the girl
When her parents locked her door
She couldnt bare the loss
She wanted him or nothing
But little could she do
She brought a knife and with it
She pierced her aching heart
And as her blood poured down
It drew the story above
It tried to reach her lover
To inform him of his loss
But the boundaries which are standing
Between their two homes
Stood like a huge wall
To separate their entwined souls

He will wait forever
For her to come his way
But shell watch him from above
And send her tears as rain
And with her eyes shell cast
The sunshine in his way

19-08-2002, 11:18 AM

What a touchy poem! I cant say anything except a wonderful one

Ive read it twice and Ill read more to learn more from it

There are many lessons appearing in this poem and I believe much more are hidden behind its lines

19-08-2002, 11:45 AM
Hello Khuder

Thank you for your sweet comment

I am really glad you liked it

Thank you

19-08-2002, 01:41 PM
I'll be back:)

21-08-2002, 12:09 PM


21-08-2002, 12:56 PM
Hi Angel

I used to tell one of my friends, your poems are more like movies rather than poems and Im seeing the same in this poem now

Her legend is a movie scenarios have been put together in a poetry like pattern

As you start reading it you can see the scenes of these scenarios in your mind just like you are sitting in a theater watching a movie

The accurate sequence of the events and the incredible use of analogies are picturing the views in the readers mind as exactly as he is attending a live show

Such a talent shouldnt be kept on ****ves to be buried by dust; it should be exposed to the lights to find its proper place somewhere up on the summit

Thank you for posting it to have me enjoy reading it 4 times until this moment

21-08-2002, 02:05 PM
Hello Khuder, again

Once again, your words make me a bit concieved

You make me feel like I am a very good writer, everyone has to read my poems

But the fact is: Poetry is much like anything beautiful in this world.. You might like something and see it is the most beautiful thing in the world.. But someone else might not see the same thing you are seeing

Thank you for what you have said

and by the way, I am working on publishing my first book

27-08-2002, 01:17 PM
Hi there our beloved sis and distinguished member

sorry 4 being late


Her Legend will last forever

those lines carried my senses beyond horizons

and gave me no chance but 2 wonder in such a marvelous flow of beauty

welldone dear sis and I wish u the best whether in ur gifted poetic talent , or in the ur new book

(Will u send us a copy........?;)

take care dear sis

27-08-2002, 01:51 PM
Hello Romeo

You finally arrived

Thanks for your sweet words

Believe me.. You will all know if my book ever gets published

Just wait and see