: ~*~ What is Life ~*~ (Quotation )

14-08-2002, 11:27 PM
What is life?
Life is a gift...accept it
Life is an adventure...dare it
Life is a mystery...unfold it
Life is a game...play it
Life is a struggle...face it
Life is beauty...praise it
Life is a puzzle...solve it
Life is opportunity...take it
Life is sorrowful...experience it
Life is a song...sing it
Life is a goal...achieve it
Life is a mission...fulfill it

--Taken from Even Eagles Need a Push ---Author David McNally
--- Submitted by Lisa Antonishek

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15-08-2002, 01:45 PM
Dear Melody

wonderful selection

I'm soo happy to see you with us

Take care baby

15-08-2002, 05:25 PM
Great words.but the question is "is it our choice to make our lives as we wish"

In my personal opinion we can only live our lives the way they happen there is a very limited chance for us to make them enjoyable for us if they are not so, because there are lots of factors that are out of our control and contribute heavily to either the pleasantness or the unpleasantness of our lives and you have to adjust yourself according to what these factors enforce your life to be like.

For example if someone has a poor father who passed away leaving him overwhelmed with huge debts that he can't handle with his small income then he is forced to have a tough life that he didn't cause it to be like that.

Sometimes, you can manage to fix the toughness of your life that you inherited from others but that happens very rarely.
However, God created us with predetermined destinies whether to live happy or unhappy then he tests us on how we deal with what he decided for us if he gives you a happy life and you thank him for that by obeying his instructions, performing all the worships required from you, utilizing the gifts he gave you in the right manner then you will be highly awarded in the judgment day.

Unlikely the one who denies God's instructions and obedience of religious rules; he will be awarded according to how he has dealt with what he was given in his life.

Thank you

17-08-2002, 09:25 PM
Dearest Queen...

Thank you for reading it...
& I'm happy to be with you again

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18-08-2002, 09:23 PM
Sorry for being late in replying but I have to admit that discussing the points you raised need time and concentration. So forgive my delay.

Are we really totally controlled in our lives?
Are our lives so very predetermined that we have no saying over it?

I know that in many ways we live our lives according to our destinies But still there is that space where we can choose how to live it. Its the way you look at it that matters. "Your focus
determines your reality."

You might be living a very tough life carrying on huge burdens but still you might look at life with an optimistic view or you might take it all as a challenge that you have to meet.

Sometimes tough moments & turnings in our lives are the things that push us towards the change. The change in our behavior and attitude towards life.
Failure could be very much a turning point in someones life. He could choose to surrender to it and so get drowned in misery or he could choose to fight it and take it as a challenge and thus making it a point to go upwards and not going back.
I think although God created us with predetermined destinies, yet how to live these destinies and what to make of them is our choice. Would we choose to take that test and be thankful for all we have or not, always looking forward for Gods reward? Or would we go astray from that road? Disobeying Gods orders, never patient with Gods testsetc?

Thank you brother for such an interesting discussion


19-08-2002, 10:24 AM

Thank you for commenting on my input in this valuable topic

However, I didnt say that we are totally controlled in our lives, but the lines that you quoted and posted here look at life as something easy to be delightful, all we need to do is to act according to what is said in these lines then we can change our lives from being tough to be smooth

Its true that we should work hard to change our lives to make them better but sometimes we dont succeed to achieve that

The words you selected are so nice, so charming but they are over optimistic to the extent of making life is so easy to be changed to the better while it's not and sometimes it's impossible to change it

Thank you

25-08-2002, 08:34 PM
hi Dear Brother Khuder...

Well, Are the lines really over optimistic?

I don't know...
My personal view is that they could be displaying different ways of looking at life.
Some take it as a gift that they'd soon unwrapp
some as a mystery that they'd unfold its secrets
some as an opportunity that they should take..."Sieze the day" as they say

Life is what you see
the way you look at it determines alot the way you have it...
alot..but not totally
and perhaps It's true "Do your best and whatever comes would be for the best"

Thank you