: The last time we met

06-08-2002, 01:16 PM
It was different.it was totally different, the last time we metI was running toward yourunning with widely opened steps, breathlessly running to catch your palms to hold you tight to start my voyage in your eyes.

But.. I didnt know that was my last trip to youI didnt know that I was moving so fast toward you to exit from you..

I thought my stay inside you would last longbut it has ended a short while after the start.you know when it was ended? Remember your answer of my short question I asked the last time we met?

I know you dont hate mebut Im not the only one whom you dont hate..I know you like me but Im not the only one whom you like.I dont want to be lost among the population of your realm

I wanted to reach the unique place in you, where I can be something different, where I can be alone with you inside you

Remember my short question I asked you last time we met? You answered it with one word..the one word was a bomb that destroyed my whole life; despite youve wrapped the one word nicely to minimize the effect, yet, the explosion has taken place

I stepped back slowly with my eyes immersed in the flood of tears, speechlessly saying goodbye..I cant stay there with the public I either be so special to youso lonely in you or I would choose living the rest of my life remembering the few hours I spent with you sharing the sitting on your throne with you .it was my mistake.wasnt it? I wish I havent sent you the truth.

06-08-2002, 02:02 PM

So expressive and touching really

The bomb that followed her answer to your simple question was like a timed one especially if you had been all along unassured of her response to such a question

A mistake that is often made by men, and that is to rush into admitting their love. I say, they should wait and try to first get a hint if they are loved back

I am assuming the simple question you asked her was "Do You Love Me?" ... or was it something else

Or maybe just "is there someone else in your life?" ... was that the question

It doesn't matter really as long as you (the writer) should have been prepared for the BOMB

Thank you for sharing this with us



07-08-2002, 11:10 AM

Thank you for participating in this topicI have no comments on what youve said except this statement you grasped the heart of the truth

I got a question for you Sami

How can I convert the text I type here into an English format in stead of typing it in this Arabic fromat

07-08-2002, 11:23 AM
Hello there Khuder

Nice words that come from deep within the heart

I enjoyed reading your topic

and if I may answer your question

:Here is what you should do

there is a button above the text box that has the letter L written on it.. it means Left.. You should press it to make your text be to the left

Humm.. Maybe Samiw ould explain it better

Hope it helps

Good luck

and keep up the good work